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Why do we need online physio when we have Google?

As I was introducing the concept of online physiotherapy to a friend, he honestly commented

"Why don't I just Google it?".

In this article I would like to quickly explain 3 critical points that you won't want to miss, before considering Google above online physiotherapy.

1. Professional diagnosis to avoid Red Flags and serious consequences for delay treatment.

As you may know headache and dizziness can come from your neck, BUT it could also come from problems in blood vessels that goes to your brain. If you missed diagnosis yourself by looking through articles on google or YouTube, then you might be in big trouble, such as stroke or death.

Another examples is Pins and needles or numbness can be caused by minor injuries or problems in your spine, but it could be something very serious like cancer or spinal lesion. If you missed diagnosis yourself and caused delay in treatment, some damage could be permanent and irreversible.

2. Personalized advice and education to suit your personality and lifestyle for quicker recovery.

Sometimes our personality and personal lifestyle has a great contribution to our injuries or problems, and it might be hard to pick up and listed on google. And if a professional can point it our to you, you will be able to recover quicker.

For example, I had a client who had headache for a while, and she found it to be from the neck. Despite she has been doing regular general and specific exercises for her neck, her condition hasn't seems to improve significantly. But then we found out she has been sleeping on one side most of the time with a low pillow, so after suggesting her to raise her pillow a bit and possible change sides when she sleep, her headache was gone after a week.

By the end of the day, she might or might not found the solution on google. BUT during interactions with a professional did help her significantly in achieving quicker recovery.

3. Personalized treatment plan for your specific Goals.

And the last point I wanna point out is Google cannot give personalized treatment to you.

Some of you just want to have no pain with work, some of you might to have no struggle with life, but some of you might strive to be an athletes and be able to perform your best every day. The treatment for you will be different to others!

Exercises shown on google might be too hard or too easy on you, depends on your stage of condition, lifestyle and goals.

Whereas, our professionals can give you specific treatment that suit you only.

If you have any further questions feel free to leave a comment below or contact us.

If you are interested in how online physiotherapy can help you, you can text us any time and have a chat with our friendly physiotherapists.


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