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Top 5 Home Office Posture Mistakes!

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

Here is the most common posture MISTAKES I have come across,

Does it looks like you on your desk?

1. Chair is too low!

Your elbows are less than 90 degree when your hands rest on the keyboard.

Sometimes our desk or chair height is not ideal....

"This will put more stress on your shoulders and wrist"


2. The Screen is too low!

Your eyes is not level with the top of the screen, and have to look down to the screen instead of looking level.

Sometimes we might not have a second screen, or we are too lazy to set it up...

"This will put more stress to your neck and shoulders"


3. Mouse is too far!

When your hand is resting on the mouse, your elbow is extended and shoulder rolling forward. Instead of resting comfortably at 90 degree flexion with your elbows.

Sometimes we have lots of things on the way...

"This will put more stress to Right neck and shoulders"


4. Forward head posture!

Rather than sitting straight, you sit with head forward closer to the screen.

Sometimes when we are too focus...

"This will put more stress to our neck and shoulder"


5. Using laptop on your LAP!

This is the way laptop designed for, however it is no good if you use it like that for a long time.

Sometimes it is just too easy to use our laptop on our laps...

"This will put more stress to neck , shoulder, wrist and back."

If you are not sure whether your home office desk has the right setting or you are wondering how can you improve your setting to decrease some of the neck and shoulder tensions that your are experiencing. Please check out our Home Office Assessment offer!

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