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What's the difference between Massage & Physiotherapist?

This is the number 1 question I get asked the most!

Let me try to address it as simple and as quick as I can.


1. Has a more detail knowledge of anatomy (body parts such as muscles, ligaments, bones, nerves and organs), physiology (how the body work) and pathology (the causes of different injuries or disabilities).

2. Therefore, we can treat your injury or disabilities better, quicker and safer

3. We have a combination of skills other than manual (hands-on) therapy, such as advice and education to prevent further injury, therapeutic exercises, taping, electrotherapy, dry needling therapy and more.

4. We treat injuries and disabilities according to evidence based practice form millions of literature and expert opinions, not personal opinions alone.

Don't get me wrong, Massage therapists are very important too!! We work closely with them because

  1. They spend more time to massage with a cheaper cost

  2. Which helps releasing tightness in fascia and muscle better in some cases

They are the best to work patients with chronic tightness, or athletes with tight muscles form workouts, or someone who wants to enjoy a massage to release some tightness build up from work and daily life.

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