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TFCC injury

What is TFCC injury??

Triangular fibrocartilage complex is a very tough structure that help stabilize and load bearing for the ulnar side of wrist.


Do you know what Case for TFCC injury?

  1. Carry Heavy Object

  2. Sudden overturn

  3. Using hand support when falling


What are Symptoms of TFCC injury?

  1. Pain around the ulnar side of wrist when pressed

  2. Pain around the ulnar side of wrist when wrist deviate towards ulnar side

  3. Pain when lifting heav


How to sooth TFCC injury??

  1. Palm face down and hold fist gently

  2. Draw the figure of eight with the wrist

  3. Do it 10x


Treatment Focus??

TFCC is a very tough structure, injuring it means it is a serious injury or it has been overused for a long time. The recovery time can differ from 1-3months. Try to minimize heavy lifting during the recovery phase. And repeat our smoothing 123 tips every 60-90mins throughout the day to help improve circulation and speed up recovery. When the pain starts to subside, you can consider adding some gentle strengthening exercise for full recovery, otherwise, it will be weaker than before and more prone to injury.

If the pain persists after 2-3weeks please consult your physiotherapist immediately. And if you would like us to film a rehabilitation series leave a comment below and let us know, we will get it done quicker if there is more comment.


Best tool

Beside the smoothing tip we teach you, a physiotherapist in Australia also designed a very useful tool to relieve pain fromTFCC injury. It is a wrist brace smaller than a watch, but it can provide appropriate pressure to the structure in order to minimize pain and give protection.

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