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Neck & Upper back pain

What is Neck & Upper back pain??

As a result, the neck become stiff and affect the spine and the muscle surrounding it to feel pain.


Do you know what Case for Neck & Upper back pain?

  1. Sitting a long period of time

  2. Always work with head down

  3. Lack of stretching


What are Symptoms of Neck & Upper back pain?

  1. 7th cervical spine discomfort

  2. Upper back tightness or pain

  3. Forward head posture or protruded 7th cervical


How to sooth Neck & Upper back pain?

  1. Use your finger to press on mid-lower part of spine

  2. Put your elbow & hand forward, then look up

  3. Do 10-15x, 5 times per day


Treatment Focus??

Because the cause of injury is due to static posture, the best treatment is to repeat our soothing tip every 2hrs plus general stretches of the neck, to help release tightness building from static posture. Contact us If you want to know more!


Best tool

Lower back traction tools can be one of the most useful tools for the neck and upper back pain. All you have to do is lie on it and let the gravity help you stretch it out, and it can be a very effective way to relieve the pain of your upper back pain.

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