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Discogenic lower back pain

What is Discogenic lower back pain??

Discogenic lower back pain is one of the most common lower back pain we see in clinic.


Do you know what Case for Discogenic lower back pain?

  1. lumbar disc stiffening

  2. Lack of exercises

  3. Repetitive bending


What are Symptoms of Discogenic lower back pain?

  1. More pain bending forward than backward

  2. Pain start from the middle of the spine and spread out

  3. Sit to stand reproduce pain


How to sooth Discogenic lower back pain?

  1. Lie facing down on bed

  2. Support your torso with elbows

  3. Stop and hold 30s when you feel sore


Treatment Focus??

Because the cause of injury is due to sprain of lumbar intervertebral disc,

Firstly, the treatment will start with mobilizing the disc and help improve circulation thus recovery. By doing our smoothing exercise and general lower back stretches every hour.

Follow by increasing flexibility and range of motion, then increase strength of the deep core muscles to prevent recurrence of injury. Contact us If you want to know more!


Best tool

There is a back traction tool very useful for discogenic lower back pain. All you have to do is lie on it for 10-15minutes. Start gentle and work your way up.

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